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Wednesday weigh-in

June 16, 2010

by kiki dogwood 158.8 and 24.8% fat. Seriously, I thought it would be far, far worse than gaining 2 pounds.  In the past 10 days I’ve eaten 2 pizzas (no, not by myself), several Quizno’s sandwiches, a piece of cheese cake, an entire lemon cake, about 4 Starbucks Chai teas, 2 boxes of White Sangria […]

I can’t.

June 10, 2010

My hands are full of lemon cake. -kiks

Wednesday weigh in

June 2, 2010

by margo for kiks 158.2 lbs 24.8% body fat Kiki says she’s going to look like this on Saturday for Bikini Challenge: But, you know what Kiki?  You may not wear panty hose.  That’s cheating.

Friday Fat Check

February 5, 2010

by kiki dogwood +2/10 of a pound.  Cinnamelts?  Apparently not the diet food I thought they were.