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Starting Over Everyday

February 3, 2010

by margo fontaine I used to have a meditation teacher who would talk about pouring clean water into a glass of dirty water. What happens? Eventually, you’ll end up with a glass of pure clean water. In the meditation analogy, the clean water is the true nature of the self, while the impurities of the […]

Eye on the Prize

January 29, 2010

by margo fontaine Many people are emotional eaters and I’ve been thinking lately about whether I might be one of them. After a lot of consideration, I have come to the realization that more than anything else, I eat when I’m bored. In theory, this seems easy enough to conquer—though there is a reason “theory” […]

Water. Drink it.

January 25, 2010

by kiki dogwood Think you’re hungry?  Think again.  Aim for 3 liters and you’ll see several pounds drop off your scale in just a couple of days. Then keep drinking it. You’ll have less wrinkles, too. You ol’ bag.