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My Katpology.

February 8, 2010

by margo fontaine Dear Kat Eden, I am sorry for calling you a “skinny bitch”* when what I really meant to say was, “Holy crap, look at those AMAZING legs!!”  Seriously.  Before I saw your “Morning’s Circuit” photo, I had no idea legs could even look like that. And now all I want in the […]

Starting Over Everyday

February 3, 2010

by margo fontaine I used to have a meditation teacher who would talk about pouring clean water into a glass of dirty water. What happens? Eventually, you’ll end up with a glass of pure clean water. In the meditation analogy, the clean water is the true nature of the self, while the impurities of the […]

How To Sculpt Your Legs

January 25, 2010

posted by margo fontaine from, by kat eden How To Dramatically Sculpt Your Legs In 4 Easy Steps 1. Choose compound exercises that work all your major leg muscles in one hit. Weight machines are for people who want to take the easy route and create some major postural dysfunction to boot. Not only […]